Comparative Analysis of Deleterious Mutations in Sorghum versus Maize

Lozano et al. performed whole-genome resequencing to analyze approximately 13 million variants from 499 sorghum lines, compared the genetic variants with 25 million variants previously identified among 1,218 maize lines, and found that while maize analysis results were in line with the domestication-cost hypothesis, sorghum’s were not.

The Sorghum QTL Atlas: A powerful tool for trait dissection, comparative genomics and crop improvement

The Sorghum QTL Atlas is a research platform comprising data from over 150 QTL and GWAS studies for 223 unique traits classified into seven broad categories: leaf, maturity, panicle, abiotic resistance, biotic resistance, stem composition, and stem morphology. Data can be queried by trait, genomic or syntenic location, study, or various study details.