Much of the data displayed on the Sorghumbase web site is entered in WordPress, a popular blogging system. WordPress has grown to become a full content management system (CMS), which means that you can enter data like posts, blogs, and other web content in an easy to use interface that does not require any programming knowledge. Sorghumbase pulls data from WordPress, but WordPress does not generate the web pages for the site.

You will need to have a WordPress login to enter new content for Sorghumbase. If you have not already been given a login, please send an email to to request one.

Once you have a username/password, go to to log into the site. You will see a login panel that looks like this:

Enter your details, and you’re in! If you are having problems, please send an email to

Tutorial: Getting Access To the Sorghumbase Content Management System (CMS)

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