Most content types of Sorghumbase are stored in the WordPress Content Management System as a Post of a certain category. This means they have the basic structure of the title of the content together with the body of the content. The title of any of these types of post should be just that, a clear and concise title of the post while the body can be (almost) anything the writer thinks is appropriate to clearly convey the intended information about the subject of the post to future readers. Users can create a new post by going to the “Posts” tab in the WordPress CMS and clicking “Add new”. The title can be added to the title field while the body can be added to the larger field below. At the top of the body field there are buttons to add additional formatting to the text and above that there is a button to add images to the body of the post. Users can also add an excerpt of the post they are writing to the field labeled as such. This is the text that is displayed on the webpage that displays all content of a certain type. While WordPress can auto-generate an excerpt this means that a set number of characters from the start of the post are selected as the excerpt. In turn this means that sentences will be cut off which will look sloppy. It is therefore highly recommended to manually set the excerpt when creating a new post. Additionally, users can add a featured image to these posts that will be displayed together with an excerpt of the post on the webpage that displays all content of a certain type. This image can be selected from the WordPress media library. To learn how to add images to the WordPress media library; see the tutorial linked below.
  After all content of the post has been added make sure to categorize the post appropriately. This makes sure the post is displayed in the right place on Sorghumbase. Multiple categories may be selected. If the post is complete and ready to be reviewed by an editor before publishing click “Submit for review”.
Tutorial: How to add a Blog post, News item, Tool, Tutorial or Project to Sorghumbase

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